December 28

Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 + Crack till 2017 ! [Latest] [Exclusive]

Description :

Kaspersky Internet Security delivers premium protection for you, your PC, your money and your family. Advanced security technologies protect against viruses & web-based threats, while also safeguarding your identity and adding extra layers of security when you’re online banking or shopping.

Features :

  • Protects against viruses, spyware, Internet threats and more
  • Safeguards your privacy and defends against identity theft
  • Adds extra layers of security for online banking & shopping
  • Helps you keep your kids safe from Internet dangers & more
  • Delivers world-class security – without slowing you down
  • Simplifies security management and access to support

Instructions :

  1. Download & Install KIS 2016
  2. Pause Kaspersky protection & Disable Self defense(Settings–>Additional–>Self Defense–>Remove tick)
  3. Exit From Kaspersky completely
  4. Turn off your internet completely {Important}
  5. Run KRT.exe from Activation folder & wait till it loads fully
  6. Now Press CTRL + ALT From your keyboard
  7. Now Click On Activate button & Select a License File from Licenses Folder
  8. Wait till kaspersky launches Automatically & Close it from System tray
  9. Now Run Crack.exe from crack folder
  10. Click On Patch button & Wait till it finishes
  11. Now You can re-Enable internet connection & Run Kaspersky
  12. Hell Ya! Its activated…Enjoy 🙂


Download Links :

Kaspersky Internet Security Latest Offline Installer.exe  (166MB)

Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 Crack.zip (1.2MB)  |  Mirrors

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  1. when i choose license file from KRT.exe it said that “The activation does not correspond to current anti-virus program”. Please fix

    • Seems like you have been using product other than Kaspersky internet security.You’re only able to activate kaspersky internet security 🙂

    • try using this version. kis16.0.0.614en_8233 google it or you can find it in filehippo.working for me

  2. Umar Khan

    December 30, 2015

    can you tell me please what is the role of crack.exe in this activation?

    • Its blocks kaspersky to check activation server & validate your cracked license 🙂

      • Umar Khan

        December 30, 2015

        please tell me my hosts file changed by you or kaspersky security

        • Changed by us 🙂

          • why the kapersky detect the house as trojan?

          • Because it manuplates the code of kaspersky itself.Cracks & patches are always detected as virus by antivirus.which is totally false positive.You can trust us 🙂

  3. reaperlazarus

    December 31, 2015

    hosts files detect trojan, it self start clean the block activation of kaspersky [ activation-v2.geo.kaspersky.com activation-v2.kaspersky.com], how to block host files from scan by kis

  4. can you pls upload Bitdefender anti virus thanks

  5. Does this anti virus update?

    • You can update virus definations but application updates aren’t checked as we tried on latest version 🙂

  6. MK Star

    January 4, 2016

    Really It’s the best one…Thanks a lot to gift us such a great full version software with 2 year licesence key..! [email protected] Core-X

  7. Dear “Core-X” ! your provided keys are blocking one by one..Any solution for us ?

  8. thx
    but my krt doesn’t see kaspersky, when i run krt as admin after follow instructions, krt show “anti virus is not supported or not installed”

    • i think you need to reinstall…

    • Core-X thx a lot it finally work i uninstall kaspersky and download kaspersky version “kis16.0.0.614en_8233” with same key and krt, because krt doesnt work at version “kis16.0.1.445en_9488” with me 🙂

  9. DerBongo

    March 8, 2016

    Did u have a new Serial code for me please :/ i cant Found one

  10. it works!!!thank you so much!

  11. Love u guuuysss, it worksssss!!!!!!!!

  12. KrauserII

    June 12, 2016

    I had the same issue as Dajni, so I downloaded kis16.0.0.614en_8233 as him… i needed a couple of more steps to activate the software, first I had to click to reset and then activate (this options was initially not available). Then I run Windows in safe mode because in desktop mode, it kept me warning to disable my protection… I did but (not sure) something maybe was still running…
    Not sure, it seems I managed to install properly the antivirus, I thank you for your effort.

    • Core-X

      June 13, 2016

      You’ll need to disable real time protection & then exit kaspersky from system tray by right clicking on the icon & then exit.After it follow the instructions.

  13. Maharaja

    July 26, 2016

    Hi…. My krt can’t see Kaspersky pls reply me

    • Fullstuff

      July 26, 2016

      What do you mean ?

      • Maharaja

        July 26, 2016

        Hello … thnz for ur reply
        I install kis setup file .. then my krt doesn’t see kaspersky, when i run krt as admin after follow instructions, krt show “anti virus is not supported or not installed”

        • Fullstuff

          July 26, 2016

          Have you tried turning off your Kaspersky real time protection & self defence ?
          Crack will only work if its internet security.Please show a screenshot of program & crack both to make sure.

      • Maharaja

        July 26, 2016

        my krt doesn’t see kaspersky, when i run krt as admin after follow instructions, krt show “anti virus is not supported or not installed”

  14. ples send seting kis.cfg2016 file

  15. Vasanth

    August 19, 2016

    Where is Krt. Exe..

    • Fullstuff

      August 19, 2016

      Turn off your virus guard before extracting Kaspersky Crack archive….

  16. they always asked me my activation key so i cant disable the self protection. i even used kaspersky removal and reinstall it but still they asked me the activation codes.. How to solve this? thank you

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